The Hidden Hunger Phenomenon And The Regeneration Effect

April 2012
by Dr. John Apsley

People wonder about the relationship between their diet and their health. Popular media would have us believe that foods available in the Standard American Diet (the S.A.D. Diet) have plenty of nutrition to sustain a healthy life. The food we eat is the basic fuel for every experience we have in life. And yet, the quantity of “bad fuel” people put into their bodies is astounding. Even in the midst of a plentiful food supply, people are suffering from a hidden hunger due to a serious lack of nutrition in our foods.

Our Qreplete with people who crave salt, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, greasy foods, caffeine and drugs of all types. Dr. William Albrecht defined this as the hidden hunger phenomenon.In his research, he discovered that animals were fatter and less muscular when grazing on lands where the soil was depleted by heavy farming and pesticides. This was because the grass and grains that the farmers were feeding the animals were less proteinaceous (protein-containing). As a result, these animals had more diseases, and in many cases, failed to reproduce normally.

In his studies, he also found that men who were raised eating meat from these animals often failed the physical examination for induction into the US Army at higher rates than normal. These men also showed an increase in dental disease and other bone deformities. My personal experience as a physician and student of the true nature of health, leads me to believe that we have an epidemic arising from eating a diet with little nutritional value. With the dramatic increase in obesity in this country, I believe this is related to nutritional deficiency. People are eating more food but are less satisfied.

The lack of minerals in our soils, common to the practice of modern commercial farming, can only produce nutrient-deprived, calorie rich foods, which are low in proteins and high in cheap carbohydrates. This produces an insatiable hidden hunger and underlies the fundamental causation to chronic degenerative disease and premature aging.

Discovering Super Foods

In the fall of 1978, I traveled to Forres, Scotland to visit a very special community called Findhorn where some remarkable things were happening. Findhorn is a teaching community and is famous for the superior crops from their spectacular gardens. I met people who had lived there for some time. An older couple caught my attention and I dined with them on several occasions. They looked like they were in their late sixties; however, they were quite active and full of spirit. Not a wrinkle on their faces, full heads of white hair, and rosy cheeks wrapping around warm smiles. I eventually started asking them about their life, and they told me they had lived in the Findhorn community for only five years. Before that, they had lived in the adjoining trailer park.

They asked me to guess how old they were. I hesitated, feeling confident they were 70 years of age each, but wanted to flatter them a bit, so I said I thought they were 65. They both smiled broadly and then showed me a picture of the two of them from the days before they joined the community. In the photo they looked much older than the robust people I saw sitting before me. Their wrinkles were clearly evident in the photograph; they were hunched over and appeared quite frail. Yet, their skin was now soft and smooth, they were broad and muscular and walked around quite capably. With the rosy tint in their cheeks they looked like the perfect “postcard couple.”

When they told me exactly how old they were—over 95—I didn’t believe it. They had their friends swear to it and Confirmed it with their British drivers’ licenses. I was astounded. What had turned these two around?

A few days later, I was working hard in one of the many organic, biodynamic, remineralized gardens that abound in the community. I noticed a tomato was ripe, so I picked and ate it. To my astonishment, my whole mouth lit up with its overwhelming sweetness. Never in all of my life had I tasted such a delicious tomato. I was picking these tomatoes to load on a truck that would transport them to a nearby village. I looked in the truck and I noticed some of the produce came from local farmers who also grew their produce Naturally. I reached into the back of the truck and tried one of the tomatoes from a nearby farm. I had no plan in mind. I was simply still a little hungry. When I bit into it, it tasted like pure water! The taste from the first tomato was still fresh in my mouth; not more than two minutes had passed. And so, even when I, again, tasted this second tomato, the difference was astounding.

Stuping Upon the Regeneraton Effect

People familiar with the startling taste differences between commercially raised versus organically raised vegetables have speculated that the more bioavailable the minerals are for the plants, the sweeter the vegetables will be. In My opinion, this is where regeneration factors are found. What happened to the flavor of our vegetables? We should always be eating these sweet vegetables. From my personal experience, the second tomato is a great example of what causes the hidden hunger, as described by Albrecht, even though the tomato had been organically grown. I knew instinctively that eating anything less than the first tomato was inadequate to maintain total health. The satisfaction in both its mental as well as physical rewards was indescribable. In a sense, I had always been “craving” such produce, only I didn’t know it until I stumbled across it for the first time in my life. This was my first experience with a true super food.

The older couple I met had been eating inferior produce for years, leading them to suffer from hidden hunger. They aged just like most people do, never realizing this need not be the case. Then, when they joined the Findhorn community, they ate almost exclusively from the specially grown super produce of community gardens. It has become very clear to me, based on my own experience with this hidden hunger phenomenon, that properly grown organic produce, in soils heavily re-mineralized with rock dust, are the key to health and longevity. These are the only kinds of real foods that satisfy the hidden hunger plaguing the vast majority of people today.

The more the food industry is motivated by profits, the more our foods will proportionately produce the hidden hunger phenomenon. No amount of money in the world can replace the health lost through eating foods not grown in accordance with the principles established at the Findhorn community. These are the quality foods required to regenerate our tissues and prevent the aging process from taking hold.

Organic farming, utilizing precisely applied rock dust re-mineralization techniques, is the key to reversing this scheme, ultimately setting ablaze our regeneration effect within. This is the only means to avoid the aging process until we attain at least 90 years of age, and all throughout our years experience nothing but exuberant health. The regeneration effect is all about the ability To heal at an accelerated pace and to heal tissues completely. When people are deprived of nutrient rich foods, their bodies resist healing. Such deprivation induces the hidden hunger and enslaves us to the inadequacies of modern medicine. Poor quality food causes us to overeat or become addicted to eating because our bodies are not able to satisfy the real hunger we seek to satisfy.

For example, when flour is bleached, over 40 nutrients and Associated Food Substances (AFS) are heavily compromised, adulterated and/or removed. In response to this situation, the highly respected nutritionist Roger Williams stated, “…ordinary white bread is so deficient that it is intolerable.” However, only four synthetic nutrients are added back into white bread, and They are expected to make up for this loss. In fact, both the synthetic qualities, coupled with their disproportionate quantities, make these four nutrients into nothing less than imposters. It is well known that such slapping together of the synthetic B vitamins will induce additional vitamin losses and never satiate the hidden hunger.

What we should all bear in mind is that we have the perfect reference standard for what to eat and how to grow our foods. These guidelines are universal and come from all long-lived cultures that have and do span the globe. Eating organic, uncontaminated mineral laden foods, 50% raw, is the key. Consuming sufficient raw foods is easily accomplished. Joining a local community supported agriculture (CSA) farm is another action you can take. Most rewarding is to learn how to grow your own foods. Consider taking classes at certified organic, biodynamic farms. Please go to my website for other suggestions: Remineralization.aspx

Dr. John Apsley is a physician who, for the past 30 years, has specialized in the rehabilitation and reversal of chronic degenerative illnesses through accelerated tissue repair and cellular regeneration. Dr. Apsley has developed a Four Pillar approach to regenerative medicine involving cutting edge detoxification, maximal replenishment of body oxygen stores, filling the stomach with delicious super foods and calming mind/body techniques within the clinical setting. He is an author, practitioner, researcher and lectures around the country including the Health Freedom Expos. For more information, visit his website at: