Dr. Cal Streeter

Summer 2012
A search for better information transformed the life of a Northwestern Indiana osteopathic physician, Dr. Cal Streeter. In the late 1970s he went to Mexico to observe doctors who were having high rates of success by using vitamins and supplemental IV nutrients to treat cancer patients. This was revolutionary because the treatments did not involve the use of drugs, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Chelation therapy was used on heart patients to remove heavy metals. He brought these healing modalities back to his clinic and was treating patients from Northern Indiana and the suburbs of Chicago. By the l990s he was having phenomenal success and word spread.

At that time, Attorney General Janet Reno was told to clamp down on Medicare and insurance fraud. In l996 the “Plan of 96” was presented at the Federation of States Medical Boards (FSMB) annual meeting in Chicago. This plan was supposed to be the "model case" to combat fraudulent health claims and to be used against all "alternative medicine" practitioners. The Attorney General had been influenced to change the definition of the term “health fraud” away from fraudulent billing, over billing and doctor kickbacks to include alternative medicine.

A vigorous case was mounted against Dr. Streeter and he found that using alternative methods to cure disease was not a good idea in America. “I got involved in the two most lucrative parts of medicine—reversing heart disease and curing cancer which are the major causes of death in America. For that I was punished. Between l990 and 2000 the prosecuting attorney contacted my suppliers and scared them into turning over the names of their customers. No illegal drugs or poisons or toxins were ever used.”

In 1996 local police with guns drawn, accompanied the FDA, IRS, DEA, Medicare and insurance investigators in a raid on his office seizing 3,000 patient charts. They confiscated his supplies and the computer hard drives while terrorizing his staff. They had a warrant for one chart to accuse him of Medicare fraud. He had never billed Medicare, but “…one of the fellows who took care of my patients after I’d seen them, billed Medicare and they came after me.”

He was followed continuously and finally in 2002, six years later, he was arrested. He was charged with two or three things they thought they could prove and then charged with over fifteen things that were frivolous. “Once they get into your affairs, they never let go,” he laments. His attorney advised him to plead guilty to the lesser charge to stop the harassment. In the end, all but one of the charges were dropped, and he made an agreement to plead guilty to that charge of "money laundering" which had to do with buying supplies for cash in Mexico. He was never charged with harming his patients. With the outright seizure of his records, his practice was shut down without due process. The intent was to put him out of business, and stop his "alternative medicine" practice.

Streeter served 21 months in federal prison and when he got out he found that the State of Indiana was refusing to renew his license. He sued, and the Courts forced the State to restore his license. However, the State appealed the decision. The judge in the case received thousands of letters of support and ordered the state board to reinstate Dr. Streeter’s medical license.

Back in practice after this nightmare, he continues to provide answers to his patients about alternative health care. While in prison he worked with prisoners and prison staff providing alternative health care recommendations. He wrote a book about his ordeal called A Doctor Goes to Prison. Today, he is launching a website called Dr. Cal’s Opinion which will be up in the next few months. At a vibrant 73 years of age he continues to ask good questions and provide good answers. He is truly one of a kind, an inspiration and a health freedom pioneer.